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About us

Summit Asesoría Integral S.L.P.U. is a young company of tax consultants and labor advisors in Malaga.

Professionalism and commitment are the pillars of our relationships with our clients. The search of quality is an obsession and an innovative and self-improvement spirit is the engine of our growth. A way of work that affords us to became owners of the confidence of all our clients.

We adapt ourselves immediately to every change and any new trend, with a single target: that our clients make profit of them.

As consequence, Summit Asesoría Integral has developed the "24 hours Commitment". It is an obligation with our clients where Summit Asesoría Integral has to answer any requirement from our clients in 24 hours. If it would not be possible, a professional of our company would contact directly to you in order to arrange the shortest possible period.

Miguel Picatoste Rodriguez

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